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Ask yourself “do I really need pemmican?”

Sure, pemmican is great, for it’s nutritional value, it’s shelf life, and of course it’s portability. Even though it has always had these advantages it was usually the custom to NOT eat pemmican if and when anything else was available and save the pemmican for when you really needed it. It was so valuable for its portability that if you had other food on hand and time too cook then you’d always do that first. If you never really needed your pemmican then you would eat it after a few years anyway and restock with some that’s fresh. Although pemmican was reputed to last for decades I’d rather be safe than sorry, there are no guarantees with homemade pemmican.

Sun dried meat is a great thing to have on hand and it has many uses besides just making pemmican. You can make a great pasta sauce with it if you shred it and combine with fresh onion, carrot, sun dried tomatoes, celery salt, lard, olive oil, white wine, salt and black pepper (full recipe to come). A little dried meat is also great after a hard strength workout or as a way to add a little protein to any meal with fresh starches and vegetables.

Tallow is great for deep frying. Although I think that raw tallow it probably more nutritious you don’t have to fear good food that’s been fried in tallow that hasn’t been used too many times 😉 Green plantains are great this way and so are the ripe ones especially when they are very soft and the skin has turned all black. Hannah sweet potatoes come out really nicely if you slice them and soak them in salt water overnight and drain in the morning some hours before frying. Fry bread can also be a great treat, I use full-fat plain yogurt, water, salt and baking soda with whole wheat pastry flour to make a dough that I then form into something like a big doughnut and later slice and top with the rest of the yogurt and raw honey (recipe to come).

If you start making your own pemmican and have extra ingredients lying around you may find as I have that they are just as useful, if not more so, for many different situations including camping and emergencies. The only time you would really need pemmican is if you’re on the move and can’t stop long enough to find or prepare any other kind of food OR when that’s just all you have left. It would take a pretty massive amount of pemmican to feed any kind of family exclusively for a few years. I think the best preparedness solutions involve ways to produce and prepare food in situations with bare shelves and long lines at markets in addition to having some long shelf life provisions like pemmican, lard, tallow, etc. on hand to makes ends meet.

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This is what people have been writing about Real Pemmican!

“Dude this stuff is awesome!! I would like to order 10 more bars. If it’s possible I’ll need them before the 28th of this month. Let me know if you think that would be possible. ” – 5/8/16 – Grand Forks, ND

“Shipping via priority mail was fast; I received my order within a few days of placing it. The product itself is a pleasing balance of subtle flavors. I may be insensitive to sweets, but I found the honey, fig and cherry flavors to be quite mild, well balanced, and complementary to the meat and fats. Having had traditional protein-fat-only pemmican in the past, I’d say this product is more of a complete meal in a bar. Can’t speak to my energy levels since I’m saving most of my order for an upcoming trip, but I’m confident this will be a better alternative to standard nut-based energy bars.” – 5/1/2016 – Alexandria, VA

“First time trying pemmican and I gotta say after this I’m no longer afraid of it. Flavor wise I think it needs a little something more. It’s by no means bad, but I’m a super taster and I think maybe a little more sweet or a little more salt. I’m not to sure, but a little more something could really set it off. For survival alone, it’s on point. The sweet is subtle. The smell is familiar, I can smell the honey but I can’t quite put my finger on the other scents. Smells like something I’ve had before, but I can’t remember what it was. It did OK in transit. It’s already pretty hot down here in west TN and these samples have started to get a tad bit too soft. They’ve stiffened back up now that they are inside though. Overall it’s some pretty darn good stuff and with a few tweaks it could easily be amazing stuff.” – 5/21/16 – Memphis – TN

“Shipment was great! Very fast and the pemmican is totally alright to eat. It’s a travel food! I’m not so keen on the sweetness. If you want just beef and tallow, this isn’t the best option. If you want the beef and tallow and some fruity sweetness, this is right on the money! I’m getting used to the sweetness and the 6 oz brick is lasting me throughout the week. Great communication with the seller. Even while sweet, at 1oz a day it’s not going to throw off the sugar count too much. I’m trying to keep it under 20 a day so brings the sugar carbs (other carbs not included) to about 5 a day.” – 4/19/2016 – Lancaster, PA

In response to the the review suggesting “a little something more” we really don’t want to add more salt that could make people more thirsty in situations where they only have the water they can carry. More sweet would further discourage people on ketogenic diets from trying the product. We think the best solution is to add more sour cherries and reduce the amount of figs so the proportion of fruit in the final product remains the same. We were a little too conservative with the sour cherries in the initial product since these little things pack a serious punch and can easily over power the other flavors. Preliminary taste tests demonstrate that a little more cherry in the mix helps to enhance the over all flavor without throwing it out of balance. We’ll let you know when the extra cherry flavor becomes available for purchase.