A few years ago we were looking for an ideal energy bar and meal replacement for use on our extended kayaking expeditions. We found the usual grain and sugar based bars to be unsatisfactory because after eating just 2 of them we’d get that yucky feeling like we got as kids after eating too much Halloween candy! After getting into CrossFit and learning about the Paleo Diet we started looking for sources of energy based on healthy fats instead of just sugar. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything like that on the market so we decided to make our own and started looking into pemmican recipes and processes. After procuring some equipment and much trial and error we finally came up with something that wasn’t just very edible, it had become a delicious gourmet treat! Although the high-fat food niche has yet to be established we’ve decided to try selling limited quantities of our homemade pemmican to test the waters. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Try a bar today and see what you think 🙂